• Ron Argent, Founder

    Ron Argent

    Founder & CEO

    Our founder, Ron Argent, spent a career mastering the intricacies of the most powerful computing systems in the world. In roles spanning engineering, design, architecture and sales his customers were very large banks, governments, and other mega-corporations as well as smaller commercial organisations. After a successful career at IBM, he put his experience to work as a channel partner for his former employer. Again delighting both giant companies and smaller organisations. But something was stirring in him, and it couldn’t be ignored.

    Ron founded Cognition Foundry with the vision to bring enterprise class computing to startup entrepreneurs. Fueled by optimism, he sought to engage talented, skilled people with innovative ideas that improve the human condition. The result is a new concept; Cognition Foundry.

  • Bill Stark

    President & COO

    Prior to joining Cognition Foundry as President, Bill invested more than two decades in the service of IBM partners and clients, helping them deliver innovation that matters to the world. His experiences working with ISVs, Resellers and Solution Providers honed a keen sense of value. Bill’s passion for the world and all its inhabitants drives him to explore creative solutions to massive challenges. Whether advising a founder, designing a solution or creating a strategy, Bill’s core mission is to encourage others and help them achieve their dreams. He leads North American operations and provides strategic direction for the company.

  • Stoyan Pedev

    Director & Chief Development Officer

    Having enjoyed success as an entrepreneur in the IT services industry, Stoyan brings deep technical expertise and broad business acumen to Cognition Foundry as Chief Development Officer. Benefiting from a diverse educational background in law and computer science, Stoyan’s international experience supporting hundreds of clients in dozens of countries represents an opportunity for Cognition Foundry clients who want to scale quickly and capture global markets. He leads our diverse team of developers and system administrators which includes globally-recognized experts in Blockchain, cybersecurity, encryption and contemporary programming languages.

Our Core Team
  • Paul Knight

    Paul Knight

    Innovation Leader
    Not all who wander are lost.
  • Lee Rossiter

    AI Leader
    AI. ML. Deep Learning
  • Louise Richardson

    Louise Richardson

    Client Relationship Executive
    Loves to organise (anything) …
  • Colin Page

    Solution Architect
  • Alex Sharkov

    Development Operations Manager
  • Scott Tomlinson

    Startup Growth & Marketing Advisor
    Builder of Marketing Foundations
  • Jenny Stokes

    Jenny Stokes

    Chief Administration Officer
    Loves snow, pigs & penguins
  • Rob Davis, TES Enterprise Solutions

    Rob Davis

    Business Development Executive
    Semi-circumnavigator of the globe
  • Joseph Cameron

    Infrastructure Support
    Enjoys sailing, windsurfing, and anything else on the water
  • Dimitar Karev

    Dimitar Karev

    Sleeps with 5 rescued cats
  • Yanko Bahchevanov

    Yanko Bahchevanov

    Gaming and Anime enthusiast
  • Nedelin Gizdov

    Nedelin Gizdov

    Special power: making beer disappear.
  • Lyubomir Timonov

  • Biliana Mancheva

  • Hristo Petrov

    UI/UX Designer
  • Adnan Arabadji

  • Georgi Trichkov

  • Maria Borshukova

  • Ivan Sokolov

  • Veselina Tencheva

  • Ivan Ivanov

  • Alexander Zahariev

  • Daniel Tsanev

  • Ivan Tsanev

  • Steve Hardman

    ICT Apprentice
    Loves the Free Feeling of Being Outdoors
  • Ivan Dimov

    Ivan Dimov

    Burger specialist, fitness enthusiast, professional dog petter
  • Kaed Fatuh

    Kaed Fatuh

    Junk food appraiser, LOTR and Marvel Lover
  • Ilia Iliev

    Ilia Iliev

    Gaming addict, hardware enthusiast, love camping and nature.
  • Svetlin Stoyanov

    Svetlin Stoyanov

    Fitness junkie & Dog lover
  • Nadezhda Dimitrova

    Nadezhda Dimitrova

    I play the drums and love music
  • Kalin Dimchev

    Loves chocolate, dark humor and squash
  • Teodora Tsoneva

    Teodora Tsoneva

    Keen on traveling and exploring the wide world (especially food and drinks)
  • Petya Drakeva

    Petya Drakeva

    My heart is of the North.
  • Antonio Ivanov

    Antonio Ivanov

    Beer, Progressive Metal and Gaming for life

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