Investors In Community (IIC): Success Story

Aligning Corporations with Social Causes, Validating Social Contributions


Consumers are demanding more than just products and services from Brands, and have a growing sense of cynicism from greenwashing and other fake claims of ‘Social Good’ made by Corporations. Many corporations are in fact ‘doing good,’ validating activities is hard.

IIC’s vision is to tackle these challenges head-on by bringing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the forefront. IIC goes well beyond helping Corporations manage CSR initiatives and activities – their vision is a community platform validating Social Good, holding Corporations accountable to Trust and Transparently one good deed at a time. IIC validates Social Good, easily shining a light on those Corporations who believe they have an active role in making the world a better place (and subsequently, those that don’t), while quickly connecting a previously disjointed process of matchmaking between organizations and the causes and charities most aligned to their values and audiences. Think of IIC as the Uber® for Social Good.


IIC engaged Cognition Foundry after previously working with a traditional Technology Partner that did not deliver. While the Vision remained constant, the platform was broken. Leveraging Cognition Foundry’s expertise in Social Good design, we got to work simplifying the complex vision to a simple user journey which was easy to navigate whilst retaining all of the benefits envisioned. The fact that IIC had already invested all their previous funding rounds into this broken platform was not a deterrent.

Employing Agile methodologies, the cloud and Blockchain-based platform was launched in 2019 to the initial UK (United Kingdom) market. Using enterprise-grade technologies like IBM Blockchain-as-a-service and LinuxONE, the platform is available to Corporations in a low-cost SaaS model, and available to charities for free. Corporations are streamlining their CSR activities, capturing accurate Social Giving ( list here ), while charities are benefiting both from the warm introduction with aligned companies and receiving 100% of the funding and investments transferred to them (in contrast to other models that take a sizable cut of the funding transaction).

Solution Components | Barriers Removed

  • Solution Design: User Journey specialists co-created with the IIC team the needed journey maps and wireframes needed to get the platform back on track
  • IT Strategy and Architecture: Guidance to the founders on how to start small, prepare to scale when needed, without sacrificing enterprise grade availability and data security
  • Application Development: Blockchain-as-a-Service and Hyperledger
  • Infrastructure: Designed and maintained a hybrid cloud hosting infrastructure, including incorporating IBM LinuxONE with industry-leading 99.999% availability, scalability, resiliency and security
  • Social Investment: IIC could have given up on the Dream. By reaching out to Cognition Foundry, IIC kept the dream alive. Cognition Foundry provided a Social Investment to get the MVP to market
  • Ongoing Application Support and Development: Cognition Foundry continues to work with IIC to evolve platform for unique stakeholder processes and reporting

Recognizing the shift in Consumer attitudes and their role in the world, the UK’s 5th largest Supermarket chain mandated their suppliers adopt the IIC platform. This is creating a cascading effect for Social Good.

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