Industry Awards

Peer recognition for our work on platforms and solutions for #Better.

UN SDG Action Award (2019)

Innovation and Impact Recognized:

The United Nations SDG Action Award recognized the efforts of Plastic Bank, Cognition Foundry and IBM for making a positive impact towards income equality by tackling poverty around the world. Over three hundred and fifty-five (355) submissions were included in the Connector category. The finalists included Social Plastic, the City of New York (NYC) and the 2018 Italian Sustainable Development Festival. 

IBM Beacon Awards (2017-2021)

Recognized for deploying Blockchain within innovative, ground-breaking platforms

Beacon Awards

  • 2021 Outstanding Blockchain Solution
    (with Newlight Technologies)

  • 2020 Blockchain Trailblazer Award
    (with Newlight Technologies)

  • 2020 Outstanding Enterprise Linux Solution
    (with IIC)

  • 2017 Outstanding Open Innovation on LinuxONE
    (with Plastic Bank)

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