Every Project A Priority. Every Solution Unique.

Each Founder’s journey is unique. Our collaborative approach is
customized to your specific challenges.

Every Journey Has a Story.
Every impact is Important

Your journey is unique. Our collaborative approach is customized to your desired impact and outcomes.

Unleash Your World-Changing Impact

Whether you have an idea that can transform the world, are struggling to scale, or need to augment your team to build out, our comprehensive services can enable to you achieve your goals.

Idea Development

Traction and Scaling

Build Out

Design the Right Platform. Then Build It Right

Launch the right way. We advocate moving at the speed of customer validation and traction – as founders often start too soon developing their product platform and learn too late their assumptions have not been proven.


Our Discovery and Design process aims to establish problem/solution fit, as this can be the difference between making your next funding round, having a strong launch and creating the momentum to carry you forward.

Stuck? Accelerate Your Traction

You’ve launched. Is it going accordingly to plan? Many early stage start-ups hit a wall and find traction harder than expected.


At risk: Not getting the next funding round and running out of cash.


Our growth and technology advisors pinpoint the root cause(s) to your stall, then create an execution plan to put you back on track.

Build Out for Lasting Impact

When you’ve found scaling success – you need to maintain your momentum. Leading the movement is within reach!

Keep your movement growing and moving forward by augmenting your team with talent on an as-needed basis.

“Our partnership with Cognition Foundry has been invaluable.

It provides the knowledge and connections that have transformed us from a minor enterprise working with pen and paper to effectively having our own leading-edge technology division overnight…”

Let’s Bring Your Idea to Life.

The is waiting. Be the impact the world needs now