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With bespoke technology for impact
entrepreneurs in the regenerative economy

Regenerative Startups Enabled
by Cognition Foundry.

Go from Idea to Leading the Movement in the Regenerative Economy with our 3 phased approach.
Know that you can scale to support millions, even billions.

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Corporate Social Responsibility reimagined with verified outcomes

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Regenerative economy, transforming plastic trash into currency
(while preventing ocean plastic)

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Built trust through
transparency into carbon-neutral manufacturing processes

11 million kgs of Ocean Bound Plastic Transformed

“Our partnership with Cognition Foundry has been invaluable. It provides the knowledge and connections that have transformed us from a minor enterprise working with pen and paper to effectively having our own leading-edge technology division overnight…”

– Shaun Frankson, CTO and Co-Founder, Plastic Bank

100 million lbs of CO2 Removed from the Air, every year

“We looked through some of their other work with social enterprises and were hugely impressed. As soon as we got in touch with Cognition Foundry, we knew we had found a partner with the ability to help us take the next steps on our journey.”

– Mark Herrema, CEO and Co-Founder, Newlight Technologies

Transforming Doing Good with Technology

“We knew that we had a winning concept, but we needed the right technology and partner to make it a feasible proposition. ”

– Philip Webb, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Investors in Community

Are You Ready to be Next?

Request a free session and see your exact path to go from idea to leading the movement.

Dive deeper into specific steps to strengthen your impact business, the best path to move forward, and at an estimated cost for technology.

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