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The Plastic Bank

Inclusive Economics for Income Equality and Ocean Stewardship


Bring one billion people together from around the world to eradicate poverty and stop ocean-bound plastic. Big and Bold. Oh, all within notoriously highly-corrupted, low-trust environments. Over three (3) billion bottles have been diverted from the ocean using the marketplace platform (as of September 2022).

Newlight Technologies

To end climate change in this generation through informed choice and carbon negative products


Newlight’s innovation is AirCarbon, a regenerative plastic-like material that is certified Carbon Negative. Newlight’s unique process extracts greenhouse gases from the air and transforms it into a malleable, flexible, biodegradable regenerative Carbon Negative material that replaces single-use plastics.


Investors in Community

Transform the mishmash of CSR into a global trustmark and movement of giving


Innovation is not synonymous with CSR and the charity sector due to the perceived lack of monetary potential. IIC wanted to change that, and transformed the world of Social Good on its collective head. The end-to-end ecosystem of CSR was ripe for transformation. IIC was born.

“Our partnership with Cognition Foundry
has been invaluable.
It provides the knowledge and connections that have transformed us from a minor enterprise working with pen and paper to effectively having our own leading-edge technology division overnight…”

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