Go From Idea To Leading the Movement

We partner with Founders to transform ideas into impact.

Unlock Success With Our Interconnected Approach

Bringing a world-changing idea to market can be daunting and complex. We understand, we’ve walked in your shoes.
Access a world-class, multi-disciplined startup team across Engineering, Marketing and Networkers that can shepherd your idea through the critical early product / market stage

Your Partner For Regenerative Impact

The world needs regenerative solutions. Financially sustainable, just, and inclusive businesses with purpose. We enable the possibilities.


Alleviate your biggest challenge and eliminate risk. Accelerate the realization of your mission. Build enduring solutions.


Match expense to revenue/funding. Remove the constraints of building out your idea.


Access a skilled, multi-discipline team to build your foundation and in-house team.


Avoid dead-end technology that stalls growth and not ready to scale.


Acquire early customers with the right strategy and story.


Attract investment from the right investors.


Avoid greenwashing with technology-enabled transparency.

Launch Your Platform.
Create the Better World.

Technology is foundational for today’s digital-first world.
Each client is onboarded with a scalable, multi-disciplined team.
Ask about our equity-for-services program and insourcing options.

Fractional CTO

Senior leader serving as your IT executive to create the right technology foundation. Recruits, oversees, and mentors your technical team.

Dev Team for Hire

Your complete product, design, engineering, developer, and QA team to launch your build and beyond.

Managed DevOps

Complete development and platform code management, hosting, and application maintenance.

Application and Platform Development

Enterprise-grade open source technologies across AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud, and social payments.

UX Design, Wireframes + Prototyping

Visualize your innovation. Validate your riskiest assumptions and get feedback from early customers and investors with visual prototypes.

QA & Testing

Quality control, testing, and inspection before public release.

Impact Founders Come Here To Launch Sustainable Impact

Let’s connect and pinpoint how to accelerate your impact.

Join a Group of Impact Founders Already Leading a Movement

These founders are shaping a new future,
creating impact for a better, brighter future for all.

Philip Webb (IIC)
David Katz (Plastic Bank)
Mark Herrema
(Newlight Technologies)

“Our partnership with Cognition Foundry has been invaluable. It provides the knowledge and connections that have transformed us from a minor enterprise working with pen and paper to effectively having our own leading-edge technology division overnight…”

Shaun Frankson, Co-Founder, Plastic Bank

Discover and Uncover Innovation for Your Challenges

Not Ready to Start? Know the problem but stuck on designing the solution?
The Impact Founder Bootcamp is a self-paced program designed to help you discover the right innovation to the problems and challenges you want to solve. Includes mentor support along the way.

Industry Recognition
For Global Impact

We’ve enabled Impact on a Global scale. The sector has noticed. Cognition Foundry is honored to receive high accolades from the likes of the United Nations and IBM.