Plastic Bank Collector

Plastic Bank

Stopping ocean plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste while improving lives.


A bold, optimistic view of a world free of ocean plastic and extreme poverty. These guys had a vision for the world to gather together to alleviate both problems simultaneously, creating a way to use plastic as money. Giving people a sense of worth, pride, connection and community.


A technology partner that could bring their vision to life from concept to reality. They had the vision and some financial backing, and really needed help in all aspects of the technology design work. They needed a partner they could rely on to provide a solution fit for purpose.


As always, we started with the vision, taking time to really understand what they wanted to achieve. The desired outcome. The big vision.

We provided the technical power team of knowledge and expertise. The team worked alongside the founders throughout all phases, from concept to design to software development, iterating and improving relentlessly.

Employing Agile methodologies, we focused on the founders’ vision and created a bespoke solution from the ground up. We benefitted from the open source community, keeping costs down and quality high.

Hosting and maintenance

We provide Plastic Bank with their entire solution as a service. Leaving them free to get on with fulfilling their vision and dreams.

Creative financing

The consultancy, infrastructure and development costs for this project could have prevented the founders from ever achieving their dreams.

We worked with Plastic Bank to create a commercial arrangement that worked for all parties, allowing them to get cracking with the task at hand in creating the vision rather than spending precious time on rounds and rounds of finance raising.

Ongoing partnership

We ensure that the solution is available at all times, with enterprise grade reliability and security. We continually improve the solution based on feedback they are gaining from field. We continue to help market the solution and bring in expertise and contacts to continue the growth of this vision.

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