Ron Argent

Founder & CEO

Our founder, Ron Argent, spent a career mastering the intricacies of the most powerful computing systems in the world. In roles spanning engineering, design, architecture and sales his customers were very large banks, governments, and other mega-corporations as well as smaller commercial organisations. After a successful career at IBM, he put his experience to work as a channel partner for his former employer. Again delighting both giant companies and smaller organisations. But something was stirring in him, and it couldn’t be ignored.

Ron founded Cognition Foundry with the vision to bring enterprise class computing to startup entrepreneurs Fueled by optimism, he sought to engage talented, skilled people with innovative ideas that improve the human condition. The result is a new concept, Cognition Foundry.

Core team in residence

Bill Stark


Stoyan Pedev

Director, Application Developer

Ivan Vankov

Technical Consultant
Blockchain, Security & AI Architect

Ivan Mishonov

Technical Consultant
Application Architect

Louise Richardson

Client Relations Executive

Steve Southern

Operations Officer

Jenny Stokes

Chief Administrative Officer

A growing network of carefully selected partners, including private equity, technology and communities of experts

We are regular keynote speakers at major solution and community events

A great place to spring board awareness of our projects and get exposure for the projects we work on.

Here are just a few...

IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2017

Las Vegas: February , 2017


Las Vegas: March , 2017

Blockchain Value Exploration days using Hyperledger

Montpellier France: April , 2017

Hyperledger Blockchain and the Future

London: May , 2017

IBM z14 event

London: July , 2017

OpenSource Summit

Los Angeles: September , 2017