Many call. Few are chosen.

When we select a client, we make a commitment. That’s why we are selective. We expect the same from you. This is your dream after all, and it’s beautiful.

We work with you through all phases necessary to bring life into your vision, right from concept through to launch and beyond.

We understand startups and that each vision, project, and individual is unique. Each requiring different support frameworks across a key range of areas: Technical Expertise, Access to Infrastructure, Development, Business Resources, Mentoring, Financing, Marketing, on-going support and more.

We recognise the key to success is a powerful team that share the same values & vision. That is why we carefully select projects based on those fundamentals and ones which motivate us. When we take something on we are in it together to do what it takes to make the vision a reality.

You will not find another partner with our combination of computing power, expertise and resources along with a burning desire to help you make your vision a reality.
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Democratising IT

Why should extreme computing power only be available to large corporations? What amazing ideas are languishing because they didn’t come from one of those boardrooms?

We set out to democratize IT and have found a way to make the most powerful enterprise class IT systems in the world accessible to startups. We are looking for dreamers who think on a grand scale. The bigger and bolder the better. When we share the same values and vision, that’s when magic happens. We are in it together. A strong team to make a bold vision reality.

Technology should never stand in the way of a good idea. Instead, it should be harnessed for good.

Plastic Bank

Changing the World

Our projects are being recognised by technology leaders and winning us awards! Cognition Foundry received the 2017 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Open Innovation Solution on Linux. Want to know more about our projects that are winning awards while making the world a better place?

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